Together with our Partners we support the world

Toyo Corporation - Japan Toyo Corporation

TOYO Corporation is one of Japan's pre-eminent specialists in the all-critical area of measurement, providing comprehensive and integrated support in the core triad of hardware, software and education. Our aim is to provide our customers and clients with thoroughgoing and all embracing service, while engaging in constant and on going feedback with our suppliers and developers. It is our ultimate objective to serve as an effective interface in all our endeavours.

Contact number: +81-3-3279-0771

Lydsec - TaiwanLydsec

Lydsec is a partner of Keypasco AB in Taiwan, where the primary business is the promoting and distributing of the Keypasco Solutions. In 2012, Lydsec Digital Technology introduced Keypasco ID solution to attend to the general public holding the simple username/password, providing a convenient, high-security, and low cost well rounded answer to the innumerable security threats thus manifesting a safe-guarded internet environment for all users.

Contact number: +886-2-8789-3366

AG2 - Ireland

AG2 is a trading name of Absolute Graphics who have gained both national and international recognition for their specialised security design projects including the Irish passport and Irish passport card. The key goal is to be able to provide state of the art security solutions to Irish technology providers. AG2 and Keypasco are the perfect combination of award winning security design and state of the art technological solutions.

MoneyGuard Technologies - Kuwait (GCC Region)

Money Guard Technologies is an IT Company providing cash automation for the financial, retail and public sectors. In today’s high speed, competitive market, establishments with in and out cash processing want to increase profits and save time for their customers. To be able to provide state of the art security solutions for their customers in the GCC region, Money Guard Technologies have signed a partnership agreement with Keypasco. Keypasco´s new-thinking technology complements Money Guard Technologies offer to their customers and together we can provide great solutions with great security.

TechMag - BrazilTechMag

TechMag is the Keypasco Solution partner in Brazil. TechMag specialise in selling security solutions, with an integrated network of more than 220 dealers and 1,200 software houses throughout Brazil. They promote and distribute the Keypasco Solutions and aim to provide professional cloud services to the market.

Contact number: +55-(11)-3845-2290

Rainbow Security - RussiaRainbow Security

Rainbow Security is a partner of Keypasco AB in Russia. To effectively combat cybercrime and organise protection against such threats, Rainbow Security provides IT-market in Russia and CIS countries with the best modern solutions world-renowned manufacturers in the field of information security.

Contact number: +7 (495) 66-323-66

MK Group - Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and CambodiaMK Group

MK Group is a partner of Keypasco AB in Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. MK Group is the Vietnam's market leader in high technology, developing and supplying card issuance and application solutions, providing smart transactions services, and manufacturing cards and business forms.

Contact number: +84-4-6 266 2703

iRaid - China

iRaid is a partner of Keypasco AB in China, where the primary business is the promoting and distributing of the Keypasco Solutions. The core concept of iRaid is to provide cloud services to the mass public.

Contact number: +886-2-8789-3366